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'Joe For G.I.'s' Program Underway

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A new program to provide coffee and coffee supplies to local veterans is taking off in the Capital Region.

The Office of Albany County District Attorney David Soares is rolling out "Joe for G.I.'s," collecting ground coffee for local veterans.

"For the month of November we're asking the public to donate coffee or any other materials related to coffee, stirrers, filters, creamers, donate those materials to us, the district attorney's office, we have several locations all throughout the county. We will be providing the coffee to our local V.A."

The coffee will be brewed and served in waiting rooms at VA hospitals. Soares says the program will continue beyond November, it has a few corporate sponsors and he's looking for more to sign on.

From the D.A.:  For the month of November, we will be collecting ground coffee at the Albany County District Attorney’s Community Justice Outreach Office at 155 Clinton Avenue in the City of Albany. Please drop off ground coffee and supplies like filters, creamers, sugar, and cups to our location.

The public may also donate ground coffee and coffee supplies to any local courts that our office holds routine office hours. You may find a list of these courts here.

Please call our Outreach Office at (518) 275-4735 to arrange for a pick-up of any large donations. We thank you in advance!

If your agency or business wants to sponsor a month’s supply of donated coffee and supplies, please contact our office and ask how you can contribute to our “Joe for G.I.’s” program.

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