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County Will Pay For City Building Collapse


The financially-strapped city of Albany will be spared the bill for clean-up after a house collapse.

162 Clinton Avenue came tumbling down on the 4th of July - demolition of the old row house and stabilization of its façade will cost about $60,000 - the structure had been in possession of Albany County since it was seized for back taxes owed in 2012 - so the County will assume financial responsibility.  No one was hurt in the collapse, which has taken concern about crumbling capital city infrastructure off the back burner, and has officials wondering if there may be more unsteady buildings scattered about Albany.

A  press release from the Mayor's office says inspectors secured the site and took precautionary measures related to asbestos due to the age of the house. Air quality tests were taken around the site and all results were within acceptable EPA limits for air quality. The clean-up of all debris is expected to be completed by the contractor by the end of this week.

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