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The Thomas Cole National Historic Site Unveils The New Studio

Thomas Cole, The Architect's Dream, 1840
Thomas Cole, The Architect's Dream, 1840, 53 x 84 in. Toledo Museum of Art

On Sunday, May 1st The Thomas Cole National Historic Site will unveil the inaugural art exhibition to be held in its “New Studio” building. The reconstruction of this majestic Italianate building enhances the Historic Site, home of Thomas Cole – the founder of the Hudson River School – the first major art movement of the United States.

The New Studio, built in 1846, was designed by Cole and demolished in 1973 before the historic site became a museum. The new space provides the Site with museum-quality climate-controlled space for displaying art.

“Thomas Cole: The Artist as Architect” will be the first exhibition to focus on a little-known but highly significant aspect of Cole’s contribution to American art, his architectural achievements, including the design for  the Ohio State Capitol.

The exhibition, curated by noted scholar Annette Blaugrund with the assistance of associate curator Kate Menconeri, will include 29 paintings and drawings, as well as a scale model and the artist’s books about architecture.

Annette Blaugrund joins us along with Betsy Jacks, the Executive Director of The Thomas Cole National Historic Site. 

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