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Food Friday Recipe : Cold Brew

Cold brew
No. Six Depot

Hear Flavio Lichtenthal of the No. Six Depot on Food Friday!

Cold brew coffee is like compost. Give it time and it just happens. Almost…

First, off what's the big cold brew fuss all about?

Traditionally, iced coffee was hot coffee that was brewed double strength and then chilled. Cold brew differs in that it is brewed in cold water for 12-24 hours resulting in a super smooth, chocolate-y concentrated brew with virtually no acidity or bitterness. How come? Cold water extracts more slowly and retains more of the flavors of the beans while keeping all of the sweetness. In fact, it's chemically different than hot brewed coffee altogether.  

And a decidedly unfussy how-to:

1. First off, you need great coffee. Flavio created a blend specifically for the smoothest, most chocolate-y cold brew you can find "No Ordinary Cold Brew" (available for sale in the cafe). He's not giving away all his secrets, but let's just say Indian Monsooned Malabar is involved.  

2. Then you need to get the quantities right. Since cold brew is a concentrate, you'll brew it with a greater coffee:water ratio. 1:4 is about right. So, if you use 32 oz. of water, you'll use 8 oz. of coffee.

3. Grind your coffee coarse.

4. Put cold water and coffee in a mason jar, and stir it on up. Yep, this is cowboy country, folks.

5. After 12-24 hours (you'll find what works for you), strain it a couple times through a coffee filter or cheese cloth into a clean mason jar. 

6. Refrigerate and it keeps for up to a week. 

7. When you want a cold brew, just pour over ice and add a little water to taste. We love it with a touch of half & half and simple syrup. Just a touch. 

Visit the No. Six Depot for more! 

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