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Programming Notes: June 2018

Summer drives, sweat, state parks and beaches, mosquitoes, long days, short nights, flowers, farmers markets, and the return of some new and classic programming. It’s an annual tradition coming back to Northeastern airwaves: live performances from Tanglewood will be coming back to WAMC this summer. Keep an eye (or ear) out for announcements in the coming weeks for specific changes to our summer lineup.

While it’s easy to enjoy the long overdue weather outside by the pool, near the lake, or in your local park, it hasn’t always been as easy to take WAMC to Honolulu or Marrakesh. Not anymore. Not only has WAMC completed an update to its app, we at the station also have been working hard to bring both classic WAMC and new programming to podcast directories. Forget the reminder you set to tune in; now you have it easier than ever with the addition of WAMC podcasts at wamcpodcasts.org and wamc.org.

A New York Minute In History, a podcast collaboration with the New York State Museum and Archivist Media, produced by WAMC’s Associate News Director Jim Levulis, debuted last month with its first episode, Spirits Of Sacrifice. The episode follows the stories of two young men, their experiences in war, and takes a sober look at how the country welcomed them back home.

As some of you may heard, Marketplace Weekend will end its run in July. Although we at WAMC would love nothing more than to continue airing this esteemed program, rest assured that we will have something entertaining and informational to take its place at 7 a.m. Sunday mornings soon.

 Have fun and be safe this summer. Keep up to date with WAMC on-air and online at WAMC.org.

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