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Columbia County Confirms First Coronavirus Cases

Columbia County Department of Health Logo
Columbia County Department of Health Logo

Officials have confirmed the first two cases of coronavirus in Columbia County, New York. 

County Department of Health Director Jack Mabb spoke with WAMC Friday afternoon. He says news of the cases is not surprising. 

“We did expect this to happen…through Albany Medical Center, through the hospital and their urgent care centers, 98 people [in the county] have been tested. So as [Governor Andrew Cuomo] says, the more you test, the more you’re gonna find," he explains. "I will tell you the first case was a woman in her 60s in the southern part of the county, and the second case is a woman in her 30s in the northern part of the county.”

Mabb says both women are quarantined at home and exhibiting symptoms. The county Department of Health is working to retrace their actions prior to quarantine. Mabb says the cases are unrelated and neither woman travelled abroad in recent weeks. 

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