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Adam Gopnik On The Moral Adventure Of Liberalism

Book cover for "A Thousand Small Sanities"

According to Adam Gopnik, not since the early 20th century has liberalism and liberals been under such relentless attack from both right and left. The crisis of democracy in our era has produced a crisis of faith in liberal institutions and even worse, in liberal thought. His new book, "A Thousand Small Sanities: The Moral Adventure of Liberalism" is a manifesto rooted in the lives of people who invented and extended the liberal tradition.

Adam Gopnik is a staff writer at the New Yorker. He has written for the magazine since 1986. He is the author of numerous best selling books, including "Paris to the Moon." "A Thousand Small Sanities" is now out in paperback. 

Joe talks to people on the radio for a living. In addition to countless impressive human "gets" - he has talked to a lot of Muppets. Joe grew up in Philadelphia, has been on the area airwaves for more than 25 years and currently lives in Washington County, NY with his wife, Kelly, and their dog, Brady. And yes, he reads every single book.
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