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The Roundtable

My Father And His Friends In The Golden Age Of Make-Believe

Book Cover - Cartoon Country

For a period of about fifty years, right in the middle of the American Century, many of the the nation’s top comic-strip cartoonists, gag cartoonists, and magazine illustrators lived within a stone’s throw of one another in the southwestern corner of Connecticut—a bit of bohemia in the middle of those men in their gray flannel suits.

Cullen Murphy’s father, John Cullen Murphy, drew the wildly popular comic strips Prince Valiant and Big Ben Bolt, and was at the heart of this artistic milieu. Comic strips and gag cartoons read by hundreds of millions were created in this tight-knit group—Superman, Beetle Bailey, Snuffy Smith, Rip KirbyHagar the HorribleHi and LoisNancy,Sam & SiloAmyThe Wizard of IdThe Heart of Juliet JonesFamily CircusJoe Palooka, and The Lockhorns, among others.

Cullen Murphy will be at the Norman Rockwell Museum this Saturday, December 9, starting at 2 p.m and will talk about the career of his father and Prince Valiant cartoonist John Cullen Murphy.

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