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The General From America - Hudson Valley Shakespeare

The General From Americawritten by Richard Nelson and directed by Peggy Metropulos, tells the story of a newborn United States of America engaged in a fight for its life, with the Hudson Valley at the center of the action. As whispers of treason creep through the colonies, history’s quintessential malefactor, Benedict Arnold, plots his defection and flight from this fledgling nation.

To celebrate the Hudson Valley’s role in this important moment in American history, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is putting together a Week of Revolution – a week of community outreach and programming that highlights the local history in conjunction with the run. This includes trivia nights, a hike with a West Point scholar tracing Arnold’s actual escape route, a scavenger hunt at the West Point Museum and even a sing-along of America’s favorite historical musical, Hamilton. The Week of Revolution events run from August 27 through September 4.  

Joining us this morning, we welcome Davis McCallum, the artistic director of HVSF and Jennifer Carlquist, the curator at Boscobel. Welcome.

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