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A Post-Arab Spring Journey Through The Turbulent Middle East

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In the new book The Fires of Spring: A Post-Arab Spring Journey Through the Turbulent New Middle East author Shelly Culbertson, Middle East analyst at the Rand Corporation, looks to shed light on the Middle East after the Arab Spring. 

The Arab Spring began in 2010 in Tunisia when a young fruit seller lit himself on fire in protest, and spread throughout the Middle East among citizens frustrated by lack of opportunities and a government that failed them. With both peaceful and violent protests the movement demanded a better way of life. Its aftermath however, has ranged from tentatively encouraging, to halting the progress for change, to devastating civil wars that have resulted in challenges to the Middle Eastern borders and mass refugee crisis.

Shelly Culbertson has lived worked and traveled extensively across the Middle East. She is currently a Middle East analyst at the Rand Corporation and has served as a US Department of State Foreign Affairs Officer for Turkey.

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