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Jane's Ice Cream


Over the past three decades, Jane’s Ice Cream, founded by sisters Jane and Amy Keller, has grown from their humble beginnings as a street side lunch spot in Phoenicia, NY, into a regional ice cream powerhouse. Jane’s Ice Cream supplies the Tri-state area, Massachusetts, and some of New York City’s toniest hotels and restaurants, including the New York Palace Hotel and the Carlyle Hotel.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Jane’s has crafted a commemorative flavor called Birthday Bash. It was available beginning in April. The flavor will be featured prominently on Saturday July 18th at the Kingston Farmer’s Market Kid’s Day, a community event they will co-sponsor with Kingston Candy Bar, and Bop to Tottom, two other Uptown Kingston businesses also celebrating anniversaries.

Jane’s is run by husband and wife team Amy Keller and Bob Guidubaldi and they join us.

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