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National Homelessness Awareness Month



  National Homelessness Awareness Month is held in November, the month of Thanksgiving. It is a time to think about what we are thankful for, and a time to share our compassion with our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.

The St. Paul’s Center in Rensselaer is a shelter for women and their children who have no place to call home. The bad news is the shelter continues to be full all the time with moms and their kids who - only stay until they can find appropriate housing for them.

Executive Director, Tracy Pitcher, joins us to talk about the shelter and their program, Bridges, which follows the moms once they are successfully re-housed and helps them to NOT become homeless again. We are also joined by Marilyn Dyer, Secretary of the St. Paul's Center Board of Directors and founding board member.

St. Paul's Center Bountiful Hearts & Harvest event is this Thursday Nov. 6 at Taste in Albany.

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