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The Clermont State Historic Site And Robert Hite

    The Clermont State Historic Site in Germantown, NY was the Hudson River seat of New York's politically and socially prominent Livingston Family. Seven successive generations of the family left their imprint on the site's architecture, room interiors and landscape. Robert R. Livingston, Jr. was Clermont's most notable resident.

His accomplishments include: drafting the Declaration of Independence, serving as first U.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs, administering the oath of office to George Washington, negotiating the Louisiana Purchase and developing steamboat technology with Robert Fulton.

Today, Clermont appears much as it did in the early 20th century. The Friends of Clermont and Clermont Historic Site are hosting an exhibition with artist and 2014 Guggenheim Fellow Robert Hite. Inspired by the landscape, the show will include images of architectural sculptures installed throughout Clermont’s 500 acre estate. The opening night reception is this Sunday, September 7th from 4-7pm.

Here now to tell us more are the artist Robert Hite, Conrad Hanson, the Executive Director of The Friends of Clermont and Susan Boudreau, Clermont Site Manager.

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