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Thistle Hill Weavers and Lincoln's Shawl

In chilly weather, Lincoln often wore a dark wool shawl over his shoulders. Many years later Robert Todd Lincoln gave his father's shawl to a friend and it now in the American History collection at The Smithsonian (though not currently on display). In the new movie, Lincoln is seen often wearing a shawl.

Yesterday, while sitting at his desk, Joe Donahue received a call from a WAMC member - Rabbit Goody from Cherry Valley - who told him she wove the shawl that Daniel Day Lewis is wearing in the movie. In fact, her business, Thistle Hill Weavers, has been weaving for Spielberg movies for about 20 years.

Here, Joe speaks with Rabbit Goody about weaving historical reproductions and working with directors and actors for the movies.

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