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The First Season screening at The Sharon Springs Harvest Festival

The Sharon Springs Harvest Festival takes place this Saturday and Sunday in Sharon Springs, New York. The annual event, run by Beekman 1802, celebrates the magic of small town America with a Harvest Hop, a Harvest Feast, a Farmer’s Market and more!

This year’s festival will include a screening of a the documentary film, The First Season. The film was shot in Sharon Springs and captures the experience of Paul and Phyllis van Amburgh and their young children as they take their life savings and buy and run The Dharma Lea dairy farm.

The First Season is directed by Rudd Simmons – it’s his first feature length doc and directorial debut. As a producer, he has worked with directors Jim Jarmusch, Tim Robbins, Stephen Frears, Wes Anderson, Julie Taymore, and John Hillcoat - producing Dead Man Walking, High Fideility, the first season of the TV series Boardwalk Empire and served as the Executive Producer on The Road, Across the Universe, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Hi-Lo Country

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