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The Best of Our Knowledge

The Best Of Our Knowledge #1603 "Transgender Students/Transgender Health"

The Florida Channel

LGBTQ advocates are condemning Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision to sign into law a bill that bans transgender women and girls from competing on female school sports teams.The signing came on the first day of Pride Month.

Whether they are allowed to play sports or not, there are trans children attending schools across the country. These students, as well as all transgender people have specific health care needs as well as just plain old general health care. On this week's show we look at both issues.

Then we talk about how applications for 2021 admissions to U.S. medical schools increased 17% over last year, a larger increase than in previous years. Applications to nursing programs also increased. Many people attribute that rise to a post-pandemic desire to help.

And we'll spend an Academic Minute staying healthy by staying employed.