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The Best of Our Knowledge

  • In The Name of Emmett Till Book Jacket
    NewSouth Books
    When talking about the civil rights movement in the south, the name Emmett Till is bound to come up. His murder is widely remembered today as one of the most brutal lynchings ever in the US. But while Till’s death terrorized young African-Americans in Mississippi, it also gave them a rallying cry. That’s the story that Robert H. Mayer tells in his new book “In the Name of Emmett Till: How the Children of the Mississippi Freedom Struggle showed us Tomorrow."
  • Ellen Dunham-Jones
    Patrick Moher
    We’ve all seen them. Aging, deserted strip malls and retail shops are not only pretty ugly but are also taking up valuable real estate that could be put to better use. Finding those better uses is a topic that Ellen Dunham-Jones knows very well. She has been speaking and writing about suburban life and design for years. Today on The Best of Our Knowledge, we'll hear her ideas and some examples of retrofitting suburbia.