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A project is launching later today to produce a comprehensive map that will show the hundreds of civic groups and organizations involved with environmental stewardship in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Bear in backyard (file)
Tom Rogers / Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife

The U.S. Forest Service has implemented a new rule designed to minimize encounters between black bears and people in the Green Mountain National Forest.

Green Mountain National Forest sign
Andy Arthur/Flickr

Green Mountain National Forest officials say between 200 and 600 acres of the forest will be burned this spring to cut back on heavy accumulations of grass and brush to reduce the risk of large, uncontrollable wildfires.

The U.S. Forest Service says between 200 and 600 acres in the Green Mountain National Forest are going to be burned with prescribed fires as part of a project designed to improve wildlife habitat.

     A forest study released today identified an economic development opportunity in rural New England.

Green Mountain National Forest signboard
Shannon McGee/Flickr

U.S. Forest Service officials are planning to burn 200 acres to 300 acres in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest to reduce heavy accumulations of grass and brush as a way to restore wildlife habitat and improve other conditions in the forest.

City of Springfield

In the two years since a tornado tore through Springfield, Massachusetts a volunteer effort has spearheaded the planting of thousands of new trees.  The work is being done as the U.S. Forest Service conducts a study on the environmental impacts from the loss of the urban tree canopy.

More than 4,400 new trees have been planted in Springfield in the last two years in an effort to restore, largely for later generations, the shade trees that lined streets and filled public parks prior to the June 1, 2011 tornado.


The U.S. Forest Service is asking the public for help in finding who's responsible for what's being called significant vandalism in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest.