Texting While Driving

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Vermont lawmakers have introduced a bill that would increase fines for texting while driving and other distracted driving offenses.

texting while driving

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Traffic Safety Committee is holding public listening sessions to gather input about potential use of the so-called Textalyzer. This technology can detect whether a driver used a cell phone moments before a crash. Backers say it could be a vital tool for law enforcement, but civil liberties advocates have concerns.

Proposal In Albany Could Start "Textalyzer" Era

Apr 26, 2017
Ben Lieberman, whose son died in a distracted driving accident, joins Senator Terrence Murphy, R- Jefferson Valley, and Newcastle police to announce legislation and new technology for determining if a driver was distracted at the timeof ahn accident.
Legislative Gazette photo by Jonathan Forrester

Car accidents have been on the decline for 16 years, but now trends are beginning to reverse. Legislators and advocates blame distracted driving, which often goes uninvestigated without driver admission or a witness. The Legislative Gazette’s Katie Carroll reports on a proposed bill in New York that could change that.

This is a picture of a person holding a cell phone while driving a vehicle

The number of drivers issued a ticket for talking on a hand-held cellphone is dropping in New York state — but  more people than ever are being caught texting while behind the wheel.


Vermont highway and transportation officials say in addition to expanding the use of brine, they've increased the use of their "tow plows," which can cover two lanes on Interstate 89 in a single pass.