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An Update On Medical Marijuana In NY

Aug 23, 2019
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WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Dr. Lynn Parodneck about reports that many medical marijuana patients in New York are turning to Massachusetts dispensaries for a wider range of products. 

Starting July 1st, the sale of marijuana will be legal at licensed stores in Massachusetts.  But there won’t be any pot shops open then – or likely for many months after that date – in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

   Massachusetts reaches a milestone today in the introduction of the legal marijuana industry to the state. 

    A final set of regulations has been written to govern the burgeoning marijuana industry in Massachusetts.  It sets the stage for the start of retail pot sales on July 1st.   But it is unknown how many marijuana stores will open in the state then and where.

     State legislators in Massachusetts plan to vote this week on legislation that would make extensive changes to the voter-approved marijuana law.

Adams, Massachusetts is now considering a less restrictive medical marijuana bylaw than what has been discussed. 

    Advocates who worked to legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts are frustrated over its limited availability, as the fate of the first proposed dispensary in Springfield remains in limbo.

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Massachusetts marks a milestone of sorts today in the availability of medical marijuana. The first dispensary in the city of Boston is scheduled to open.


  Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse has become the first mayor in Massachusetts to announce support for legalizing recreational marijuana, a stand that puts him at odds with other mayors and elected officials across the state. 

   Morse announced he plans to vote “yes” on question 4 on the Massachusetts election ballot this November which, if passed, would legalize recreational marijuana use for those 21 and older and authorize creating a system of retail marijuana stores, cultivating facilities, and manufacturers of edible products.

The Great Barrington Select Board has given the thumbs up to a medical marijuana dispensary in town.

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  The opening of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Springfield – and just the second in all of western Massachusetts – is being delayed as city councilors review the terms under which the proposed facility would operate. 

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A special committee of the state Senate today released a list of recommendations for lawmakers to consider should Massachusetts voters later this year approve a referendum legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

A group of people involved in the medical marijuana industry are meeting for a seminar in Sheffield, Massachusetts Saturday. The Cannabis Research and Patient Care Seminar will feature panel discussions focused on how the use of medical marijuana has developed in Massachusetts. Commonwealth voters approved medical marijuana in 2012 and the first dispensary opened this June in Salem.

Although Massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana in 2012, it took until June of this year for the state to certify the first dispensary. Now the emerging industry is coming to western Massachusetts.

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The New York State Health Department has announced the winners of five medical marijuana licenses, winnowing a field of more than 40 applicants. Empire State Health Solutions will manufacture the drug in Fulton County and distribute in Albany and Westchester Counties. Etain will manufacture in Warren County and distribute in Albany, Ulster, Westchester and Onondaga Counties.  Other licensed applicants include PharmaCann, Columbia Care, which will distribute in Clinton County, and Bloomfield Industries.


Massachusetts has a cannabis conundrum. State law requires every county to have a dispensary for medical marijuana, but federal regulations forbid the drug from being transported across U.S. waters.

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With the first medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts opening Wednesday, Senate President Stan Rosenberg says its likely voters will legalize recreational marijuana.

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has announced the state has granted a waiver to allow the first medical marijuana dispensary to begin selling its product.

The Department of Public Health is unveiling changes to the way it issues licenses under the state's medical marijuana dispensary program.

The changes outlined Friday include a revamped application process that allows marijuana dispensaries to be approved similar to how other health care facilities, such as pharmacies, are licensed.

Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said the changes will create "a more streamlined, efficient and transparent process."

A state lawmaker reviewing the selection of operators of medical marijuana dispensaries says the state agency overseeing the process should reconsider some highly-rated proposals that were not approved for provisional licenses.

Massachusetts is defending its heavily criticized process for selecting companies to run medical marijuana dispensaries.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says he does not believe the process of selecting medical marijuana dispensaries should start again from scratch.

Patrick told reporters on Monday that none of the 20 applicants approved so far have been granted licenses to operate dispensaries and won't be until they verify all the information they provided in their applications.

Massachusetts health officials have given the go-ahead to 20 groups looking to establish medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Massachusetts health officials have granted 20 licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

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  Governor Cuomo officially called for limited access to medical marijuana in his State of the State address. But sponsors of a bill to allow the illegal drug to be used for some medical treatments say Cuomo’s plan is outdated and won’t work.

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As New York debates legalizing recreational marijuana, groups in Massachusetts are proposing location sites after voters in the state opened the door for medical use of the drug in 2012. So far at least two groups are looking to site a dispensary in the county’s largest city, Pittsfield.

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Massachusetts health officials have released a list of the 100 applicants that are seeking licenses to open marijuana dispensaries for medical use.

The applications were posted Friday on the web site of the Department of Public Health, along with the cities and towns where the applicants hope to locate the facilities.

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The city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts is making a letter of non-opposition available to any medical marijuana dispensary looking to settle within city limits.