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NCAA Football

  • If you’re a Georgia Bulldog, you’ve grown accustomed to winning. Your football team won the national championship last season, and this season you’re undefeated and sitting at number one in the college football rankings after pulverizing former number one Tennessee. And at least for the time being, you’ve grabbed the mantle as the presumed national power away from SEC rival Alabama, who for a near generation has reigned supreme. It has placed Georgia in a national spotlight we once assumed for places like Florida and Ohio, states that housed perennial football powers.
  • For Florida Gator football fans like myself, we can probably use an extra day to recover before the next game, after last week’s disastrous loss to Tennessee when we largely showed the world how to ignore math in pursuit of defeat. So the good news we’ll get a full eight days instead of the usual when Florida takes to the field again, this time at home in Gainesville against Eastern Washington, a team that gave up a nice round 70 points already this season to Oregon. So I feel like this week will be better than the last.
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