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  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    Do you still keep your old binoculars in the same drawer as your socks? And are you psyched to glimpse the green planet Uranus?
  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    According to the U.N., most of us live in cites rather than rural regions. The switchover arrived in 2007. Which brings up the rural night’s main illumination – the Moon. We now know that lunar brightness doubles 2.5 days before Full Moon, which is a big deal if you need a little extra light to complete outdoor rural work. After all, a Half Moon is only a tenth as bright as a Full Moon, not enough to be fully useful.
  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    Those who were in the path of the last U.S. total solar eclipse, on August 21, 2017, know the marvels that arrive with a solar totality. The experience tops the list of nature’s most awesome spectacles. But a partial solar eclipse, which is taking place on October 14, is a different ball of wax.
  • The world adores the Full Moon. Poetry has always linked it to love. The fact that it’s one of Nature’s few perfectly round objects connects it with many cultures’ ancient beliefs that the circle was the perfect geometric shape, since it has no beginning or end. This week: the Moon.
  • Two of the five brightest stars, Canopus and Vega, are antipodal to each other on the celestial sphere. So when Vega becomes the north star 12,000 years from now, Canopus will then be the south star. And what a spectacular situation – having a dazzling, zero magnitude luminary marking each of our poles.
  • Despite all the media attention focused on various full Moons – like saying it’s the wolf Moon or strawberry Moon or what-have-you, there are really only two officially recognized Full Moons. There’s the Harvest Moon, which is the Full Moon closest to the autumn equinox, and there’s the next Full Moon after that – the Hunters Moon. And That’s what we’re seeing Sunday night, October 9.
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  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    This coming Wednesday, details gets skimpier, but the moon starts brightening explosively, doubling its brilliance in just two nights until we reach next…
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