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  • The Lincoln Memorial Centennial Exhibition: The Lincoln Memorial Illustrated at the Norman Rockwell Museum highlights the work of illustrators and artists who have incorporated the Lincoln Memorial into their art as a symbolic element – an instantly-recognizable icon upon which to build meaning. Approximately fifty historical and contemporary artworks by noted illustrators and cartoonists will be featured, as will archival photographs, sculptural elements, artifacts, and ephemera. We welcome Norman Rockwell Museum Director Laurie Norton Moffatt and Curator Stephanie Plunkett.
  • Author Eric Luper’s 29th book for young readers is just out. The title: "Bad Food: Game of Scones." Eric Luper has been a children’s author since 2007 and he has been busy ever since. Some of his other books include the "Key Hunters" series, the "Chocolate Lab" series, and various titles kids will recognize including Scooby Doo, The Amazing World of Gumball, Star Wars, Pokemon, and Teen Titans. His newest chapter book, "Bad Food, Game of Scones," features the art of 11 year-old British YouTube and Instagram sensation Joe Whale, AKA the Doodle Boy.
  • Jessica Laurel Kane’s "Anchors in the Storm" is a short story about hopelessness, loss, and grief but somehow finding strength and courage from the people…