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Strange Universe 12/5/21

There's something special about conjunctions. They're surreal, like laughter in a dark hallway. Rather suddenly, two or more celestial luminaries come together. You'll never see it again, not exactly.

The year's best happens Monday evening, December 6, at the convenient time of 5 - 5:30 PM. That evening in dusk’s fading twilight, the crescent Moon will join Venus just as that nearest-of-all-planets stands at its very brightest of the year.

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  • Pleaides, also known as the "Seven Sisters," makes its debut this month. We’ll also hear what makes this cluster so special.
  • The best moon for observers happens now. That's when it explodes with breathtaking detail for anyone with a small telescope or even ordinary binoculars.
  • Earth's sister planet, Venus, has heated up the evening sky all year. No doubt you've seen that dazzling "star" lurking low in the west after sunset almost this entire year. This major eye-catching presence is now in its final weeks.