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Schenectady Police: Man Unarmed, Shooting Justified

Jun 8, 2017

Schenectady police continue to investigate the shooting of a city man during a confrontation with officers that was livestreamed on Facebook.

“Breaking news. It is going down in Schenectady. We have Schenectady’s finest out and they could possibly be looking for a suspect. I do know that guns were drawn..."  Robert Van Outlar, Jr., whose smartphone delivered the Facebook video for the world to see, told WTEN-TV that he was heading down Mumford Street on the way to a church meeting just before 10 on Monday morning, when he noticed police gathering on the other side of the street.

Outlar witnessed officers answering a call about an alleged domestic dispute at 535 Mumford Street. Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford:  "It was reported that the incident was physical in nature and that a female was being choked. Upon arrival a female was heard screaming for help. As officers surrounded the building, they observed the perpetrator throw a bag from a window into a vacant building next door to where they were."

Shortly after, the confrontation heated up between the suspect, 23-year old parolee Anthony Logan, and police. Logan stood on a second floor balcony talking with officers on the sidewalk below. Chief Clifford says Logan claimed, multiple times, to be in possession of a gun and refused to show his hands, then pointed an unidentified object at officers, prompting a response.

Outlar on Facebook:  “I don’t know what he reaching’ down for, that hand below the balcony… [shots] …   Oh my God, he hit…”

Clifford:  "He was shot twice. Once in the shoulder, once in the hip." 

Logan collapsed on the balcony.  Chief Clifford is glad the incident was recorded on Facebook.   "It's very fortunate. We are happy to have it. It reinforces the benefit of having cameras on the street and possibly on police officers. It's just a piece of evidence that's invaluable."

Logan survived — and after authorities confirmed the house was safe to enter, he was removed, transported and rushed into surgery at Albany Medical Center, where he continues to recover.  Clifford adds  "The last I knew he was in stable condition in the hospital."

When officers recovered and searched the bag, they found ammunition and a loaded sawed-off rifle, spray-painted red to look like a toy gun.
Credit Schenectady Police Department

Investigators determined Logan was unarmed when he was taken down. When officers recovered and searched the bag, they found ammunition and a loaded sawed-off rifle, spray-painted red to look like a toy gun.

Clifford believes the shooting was justified and says he stands behind the officers involved.   "After a thorough search of the property and surrounding properties, no gun was recovered other than the one thrown by Mr. Logan, prior to him being shot. That being said, the investigation and the circumstances surrounding the use of force is still ongoing and not complete. Multiple witnesses to this incident interviewed stated to officers that they believed to see a gun in Mr. Logan's hand."

Sgt. Matt Dearing says charges against Logan were expected to be filed Thursday.