Republican To Resume Troy Mayoral Campaign | WAMC

Republican To Resume Troy Mayoral Campaign

Oct 28, 2019

With just over a week before Election Day, the Republican who suspended his campaign for Troy mayor says he will re-enter the race. In a press release, Tom Reale says he will resume his bid. 

During a press conference Tuesday morning, the Republican says he will address how members of the Rensselaer County GOP pressured him to exit the race. Reale suspended his campaign October 9th, citing the stress of the campaign in an interview with WAMC.

“Well, the circumstances of my campaign really have placed an increasing amount of strain and stress on my family. And it’s not a decision that I reached easily. There’s been a great deal of reflection and prayer involved. But I just feel like this is the best path forward for my family, given what’s happened.”

During his early October interview with WAMC, Reale said he was asked to consider running for mayor by party officials after he had initially been approached about running for city council. Asked at the time if he faced political pressure to drop his mayoral bid, Reale declined to comment.

First-term Democratic Mayor Patrick Madden is also being challenged by former city council president Rodney Wiltshire, who is running on third party lines. Election Day is November 5.