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Porter Vs. Fahy In 109th Assembly Seat Rematch

Oct 30, 2020

In New York’s 109th state Assembly District, Republican Robert Porter is challenging Democrat Pat Fahy, who is going for a fifth term in Albany.

Porter is making a second run against Fahy. He is quick to point out that he is a Libertarian who has the Conservative and Republican lines. Porter lists ballot access among his "important issues."

"It's very difficult, it's not something easy, easily done. And it's going to get even more difficult after this election, because the voter laws have changed. We need more votes for not only the gubernatorial election, but the presidential election for parties to remain on the ballot, on the line. And so I think that's one of the issues that's very important to people is valid access."

The former U.S. Marine says he is also concerned about crime and gun violence in the 109th.

"Another issue that I think is important, is the New York SAFE Act. The incumbent has said that New York is doing well under this program. And just the other day, two individuals were shot in Albany. And, you know, it wasn't by the police, it wasn't had didn't have anything to do with Black Lives Matters or anything like that. But there was a shooting nonetheless. And the criminals aren't being held accountable for this. We're punishing law abiding citizens by making it more difficult for them, and doing nothing against criminals, which brings up bail reform. In my opinion, we've put a revolving door on our criminal justice system, individuals are being arrested. They're not being held accountable, and they're being released, to go out and commit more crimes. And I think it makes it more dangerous for people in New York."

Porter has mixed feelings about the pandemic. He says he personally knows three high-risk individuals exposed to COVID.

"And if you believe the media, they shouldn't have survived." He claims the pandemic is "being hyped up" to scare people. As for his chances of taking Fahy's seat:

"Last time I ran I got 25% of the vote. If I get one more person to go in and vote for me than I did last time, I'll be a very happy person."

The 109th district includes parts of the City of Albany and the Towns of Bethlehem, Guilderland, and New Scotland.