DWI On The Rise: New Year's Warning

Dec 30, 2016

With the holiday season comes highway tragedies. Despite news stories and negative publicity, drunk driving is on the rise.

Officials, including  Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, are concerned.  "19 fatalities in Albany County alcohol-related. 19. It's our second-highest year in three."

According to CBS News, during 2016 across the country an average of 28 people per day have died in DUI-related crashes.

Apple is urging New Year's Eve party-goers this weekend to plan ahead if they'll be drinking. He adds there will be extra patrols out.

Many communities are offering free cab rides for the holiday. The New York State Thruway Authority will continue its 46-year tradition of offering free coffee and hot tea to travelers at its 27 service areas New Year’s Eve and into the morning.