BIFF - "Fort Tilden"

May 29, 2014

    The narrative feature, Fort Tilden, will screen twice at The Berkshire International Film Festival this weekend. Tomorrow at 9pm at The Triplex in Great Barrington and Saturday at 2pm at The Beacon in Pittsfield.

The film is the full-length feature debut co-written and co-directed by Sarah Violet Bliss and Charles Rodgers.

Allie and Harper are friends and roommates in their mid-twenties in Brooklyn, NY. The two are dealing with - or barely-dealing with - the torpor of quarter-life crises and their not-quite coming of age just yet as they rely on unrealistic dreams and parental rent and incidental checks to survive. The two are looking for a care-free day at Fort Tilden beach but on their way, they quickly realize that, akin to their confusing, transitioning lives, they neither know where they’re going nor how they plan to get there.

Co-writer and director, Sarah-Violet Bliss, joins us.