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Gardening 10/7/21

Sarah LaDuke/WAMC

Cold weather is coming, but there is still much to do in the dirt. And it's always good weather for a Vox Pop gardening show! Bob Graves of Faddegon's Nursery, Fred Breglia of Landis Arboretum and Greg Ward of Ward's Nursery are ready to take your calls. Ray Graf hosts.

The number to call: 800-348-2551.

Greg Ward mentioned an informative web page concerning the Asian jumping worm. Here's the URL: http://warren.cce.cornell.edu/gardening-landscape/warren-county-master-gardener-articles/invasive-asian-jumping-earthworms

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  • Bob Graves, Greg Ward and Fred Breglia join us to answer your gardening questions. It's always a popular show, so call early. 800-348-2551. Or email your brief question to voxpop@wamc.org
  • We welcome back Fred Breglia of Landis Arboretum, Bob Graves of Faddegon's Nursery and Greg Ward of Ward's nursery to take you gardening calls.