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Food Friday 8/27/21: Pies!

Deanna Fox's blueberry and lemon meringue pies
Deanna Fox
Deanna Fox's blueberry and lemon meringue pies

Here's a little know fact. Vox Pop host Ray Graf likes pie. A lot. Do you like pie? You do! Then join us for a celebration of this great invention. We welcome Deanna Fox and Ellen Gray to talk pie, eat pie and take your questions about pie. 800-348-2551 is the number to call.

Deanna Fox is a food writer, educator and entrepreneur. And her pie baking skills are the stuff of legend. It's tough to keep up with her. FoxOnFood is a good starting point.

Ellen Gray wields a rolling pin in New Jersey. Her pies are also talked about in hushed, reverent tones. When she's not baking pies or eating pies, she's writing about pies at No More Mr. Nice Pie

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