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9/27/22 RT Panel


The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond. Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock, investigative journalist and RPI adjunct professor Rosemary Armao, The Empire Report’s J.P. Miller, and former Associate Editor of the Times Union Mike Spain.

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  • In his new book "The Fifth Act: America's End in Afghanistan", Elliot Ackerman, who served four combat tours in Afghanistan with the Marines and the CIA, writes of how his mission continued, in seeking to rescue an Afghan and his family from the country's fall to the Taliban.
  • A new exhibition of art installations by Catskill-based artist Marc Swanson is now at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. The exhibition -- titled “Marc Swanson: A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco” -- is the second part of a two-part exhibition of his work that is also on display at MASS MoCA. The exhibition is inspired by the work of Thomas Cole and his warnings about environmental damage.
  • There’s a common story we tell about America: that our fundamental values as a country were stated in the Declaration of Independence, fought for in the Revolution, and made law in the Constitution. But, with the country increasingly divided, this story isn’t working for us anymore—what’s more, it’s not even true.As Kermit Roosevelt argues in reinterpretation of the American story, our fundamental values, particularly equality, are not part of the vision of the Founders. Instead, they were stated in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and were the hope of Reconstruction, when it was possible to envision the emergence of the nation committed to liberty and equality.
  • A redistricting crisis is now upon us. The new book, One Person, One Vote: A Surprising History of Gerrymandering in America, tells the history of how we got to this moment - from the Founding Fathers to today’s high-tech manipulation of election districts - and shows how to protect our most sacred, hard-fought principle of one person, one vote. Author and Professor Nick Seabrook joins us.