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"Back Dirt: A Murder on Skis Mystery" by Phil Bayly

Book cover art for "Back Dirt"
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Shire Press
Author Phil Bayly’s newest novel is titled Back Dirt: A Murder on Skis Mystery. It follows television reporter JC Snow to Ski Country in the Adirondacks near Lake Placid. Back Dirt is published by Shires Press.

Former WNYT anchor-turned-author, Phil Bayly has just released his third novel titled "Back Dirt: A Murder on Skis Mystery." A cold case killing brings Colorado police to Upstate New York. Is the crime connected to the murder of an archaeologist in the Adirondacks? Will the bloodshed benefit plans at the Battle Ax Ski Resort?

Television reporter JC Snow follows the scent. He can't catch a break in his love life, perhaps he can catch a criminal. Someone at the winter hot spot is a cold-blooded killer.

Bayly’s first work of fiction was "Murder on Skis." It was set in the mountains of Montana and Yellowstone National Park. It was followed by "Loving Lucy: A Murder on Skis Mystery." Again, the latest is: "Back Dirt: A Murder on Skis Mystery."

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