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The redemption of Bobby Love

Book cover for "The Redemption of Bobby Love"
Mariner Books
Book cover for "The Redemption of Bobby Love"

Bobby and Cheryl Love joins us this morning to tell the true account of an escaped convict and his wife of thirty-five-plus years who never knew his secret. It captured the imaginations of millions when it hit Humans of New York last fall, and now with the new book, "The Redemption of Bobby Love."

As a Black child in the Jim Crow South, Bobby found himself in legal trouble before his 14th birthday. He became a master thief and soon found himself facing a thirty-year prison sentence. But Bobby outwitted his jailers. He escaped, fled to New York, changed his name, and started a new life as “Bobby Love.”

During that time, he worked multiple jobs to support his wife and their growing family, coached Little League, attended church, took his kids to Disneyland, and led an otherwise normal life. Then it all came crashing down.

Cheryl and Bobby Love have a lot to say about marriage, about forgiveness, and of course about the possibilities for our prisoners if we gave them a chance.

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