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Wanda brings listeners a program of the very best folk music, bluegrass and blues. If you have a question or suggestion for the show, why not drop Wanda an e-mail!

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“The Hudson River Sampler’s” Top Twenty-Five of Last Year


Note: These are listed in alphabetical order, and not in order of preference. These are a few of the CDs that Wanda particularly liked in 2017. There were so many, but she had to cull down the list to these. Every week, WAMC receives between five and 15 new folk music CDs, so you can get an idea of the volume of new music that comes in annually!


Sawyer Fredericks
Wanda Fisher | WAMC

Over the weekend, The Voice's Sawyer Fredericks joined WAMC's Wanda Fischer on the Hudson River Sampler to talk his new album, his time on The Voice, his roots in the region, and perform a few of his songs too.

Wanda Fischer, longtime host of WAMC's folk music program, "The Hudson River Sampler," will welcome several special guests to celebrate 35 years on WAMC on her September 16 show, including internationally known blues singer Rory Block, New York City-based duo Miles and Mafale, New Mexico's Don Armstrong, and area musicians John Kirk and Trish Miller. Also attending are Huxtable, Christiansen and Hood, Dan Berggren and the popular duo The Lost Radio Ramblers. Tune in on Saturday from 8-10 p.m.

Every year, I select a few of my favorite CDs of the past year. These are some of the CDs I especially liked that came out during 2016. This is not a comprehensive list—only some that I would like to point out to listeners. We received hundreds of CDs this year at WAMC, so narrowing it down to this list was difficult, to say the least!

These are listed in alphabetical order by artist, so there is no “top” CD on the list. I hope you enjoy them!

                                                          --Wanda Fischer

Tom Paxton and Wanda at the Folk Alliance International Conference, 2015.

This was a very difficult year to make a selection of so-called “favorites.” I had to narrow this list down several times, and it wasn’t easy! This list is presented in alphabetical order by artist.

I had many other albums that I liked and played on the air, but these were the ones that tickled my fancy the most. I came to these conclusions after much thought and wrangling with myself...and maybe even some chocolate.

1. Anna and Elizabeth: Anna and Elizabeth (Free Dirt)

2. Geoff Bartley: Uncle Wiggly’s Bicycle Ride (Magic Crow)

Every year, WAMC  receives hundreds of CDs  of new music for consideration for airplay for The Hudson River Sampler.  These may arrive via the mail, or sometimes I pick them up directly from the artists at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance meeting in Kerhonksen, New York, in November, or at the Folk Alliance International meeting in Kansas City in February.