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Wanda’s Favorites Of 2016

Every year, I select a few of my favorite CDs of the past year. These are some of the CDs I especially liked that came out during 2016. This is not a comprehensive list—only some that I would like to point out to listeners. We received hundreds of CDs this year at WAMC, so narrowing it down to this list was difficult, to say the least!

These are listed in alphabetical order by artist, so there is no “top” CD on the list. I hope you enjoy them!

                                                          --Wanda Fischer

                                                          Host of “The Hudson River Sampler”

                                                          Since 1982

  • Adler and Hearne: “Simpatico”
  • Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem: “Wintersong”
  • Joan Baez: “75th Birthday CD”
  • Betty and the Baby Boomers: “This Love Will Carry”
  • C. Daniel Bolding: “These Houses”
  • The Bombadils: “New Shoes”
  • Meg Braun: “Restless Moon”
  • Brother Sun: “Weights and Wings”
  • Kate Campbell: “KOA Tapes”
  • Lorne Clarke: “From My Window” (released in December 2015)
  • Vincent Cross: “Old Songs for Modern Folk”
  • Gathering Time: “Keepsake”
  • Sharon Goldman: “Kol Isha (A Woman’s Voice)”
  • Robin Greenstein: “Tears and Laughter”
  • Greg Greenway: “20,000 Versions of the Sun”
  • Dave Gunning: “Lift”
  • Lara Herskovitz: “Misfit”
  • Jubilant Bridge: “A Bell A Bird A Star”
  • Larry Kaplan: “Furthermore”
  • Travis Knapp: “All the Stars You Hold”
  • Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur: “Penny’s Farm”
  • Ray Lambiase: “The Ballad of Three-Finger Brown”
  • Laurie Lewis: “The Hazel and Alice Sessions”
  • David Mallett: “Celebration”
  • David Maloney: “My Father’s House”
  • Jed Marum: “Calla’s Waltz”
  • John McEuen: “Made in Brooklyn”
  • Jaime Michaels: “Once Upon a Different Time”
  • Hannah Shira Naiman: “Know the Mountain”
  • No Fuss and Feathers: “Traveling Circus”
  • Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore: “Daughters”
  • The Piedmont Melody Makers: “Troubles, Trials, Tribulations”
  • Ron Renninger: “The Man Who Became a Song”
  • Paul Sachs: “Love is Love”
  • Claudia Schmidt and Sally Rogers: “We Are Welcomed”
  • Cosy Sheridan: “Sometimes I Feel Too Much”
  • The Somers-Rosenthal Family Band: Down the Road”
  • James Lee Stanley: “Live in Philadelphia”
  • Various Artists: “God Don’t Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson”
  • Gillian Welch: “Boots Number One: The Official Revival Bootleg”
  • Brooks Williams: “Brooks’s Blues”


Wanda brings listeners a program of the very best folk music, bluegrass and blues. If you have a question or suggestion for the show, why not drop Wanda an e-mail!