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Plattsburgh Resident Diagnosed With COVID-19 Cautions People To Take Advisories Seriously

Jacob Avery
Avery for Plattsburgh
Jacob Avery

Among the misconceptions about the coronavirus is it only affects older people. But it can infect people of all ages. 33-year-old Plattsburgh resident Jacob Avery is cautioning people to take the warnings of health officials more seriously. He and his partner are at home in quarantine recovering from COVID-19. Avery, who is seeking a seat on the Plattsburgh Common Council, tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley he doesn’t know how he contracted the virus even though he tried to meticulously follow health advisories.
“I think the message from me is very clear and I can't emphasize it enough is stay home. You got to stay home, maintain distance and wash your hands of course. We have to stay home. We got to get through this together. And really it's not about the individual, it's about our community. And the more you go outside, the more you're having touch points, the more you're possibly infecting more people. And the only way to cure it, at least from our standpoint, is staying indoors and let the professionals get the job done.”

Jacob Avery is Assistant Director of Campus Activities at SUNY Plattsburgh’s Center for Student Involvement.

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