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North Country Chamber Praises House Approval Of USMCA

U.S. Canada flags graphic
Flanker/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

The North Country Chamber of Commerce is praising Thursday’s U.S. House approval of the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, a tri-lateral trade agreement meant to replace NAFTA.
The North Country Chamber pushed for passage of the USMCA to assure predictability in cross-border trade.  CEO Garry Douglas says the resounding House vote of 385 to 41 reflects broad bipartisan support.  “There’s no question that the Senate will approve this.”

Douglas adds that the agreement has several beneficial provisions for the North Country.  “Most important of all is having this behind us and being able to continue on business as usual.”

The North Country Chamber says more than $2 billion in cross border commerce occurs in Clinton County annually.

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