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U.S. Chamber Official Joins North Country Congresswoman To Discuss Cross Border Issues

Sara Armstrong
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Sara Armstrong

A number of U.S. and Canadian officials gathered recently in Plattsburgh for an event that highlighted cross border industrial and economic links.  U.S. Chamber of Commerce Vice President and Managing Director of Political Affairs and Federation Relations Sara Armstrong was a guest of Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik at the first ever Quebec-New York Transportation Equipment and Aerospace Rendezvous sponsored by the North Country Chamber of Commerce. Armstrong tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that cross border trade is not just an important issue for business, but also for the American people.
"Trade impacts more than 11 million jobs in the United States. It is an important part of our economic growth. It’s an important part of our relationship with our partners in Canada and Mexico and so we are working very much every day to try and make sure that USMCA gets ratified. We are working across party aisle making sure that we work with members of Congress like Congresswoman Stefanik who is a true leader on this issue. We want to see more of those members of Congress working across the aisle to get this done. It’s important to our country."

The largest research cluster in artificial intelligence, or A-I, in Canada is in Montreal.  Congresswoman Stefanik of the 21st House district was sitting next to Armstrong and expressed her excitement about  potential partnerships and opportunities with Canada with A-I.  "A-I is an area particularly in the national security space that I’ve been a leader on. DOD, the Department of Defense, has an Artificial Intelligence Commission to make sure that we have a national strategy when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.  That was a bill that I introduced. It was signed into law as part of the National Defense Bill. I’ve testified in front of the commission and we look forward to hearing their policy recommendations. Once those recommendations are made I think it’s an opportunity to work with our Canadian counterparts."

During the Chamber event Armstrong presented Stefanik with the U.S. Chamber’s Spirit of Enterprise award for her support of business policies.

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