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Adirondack Council Leaders Discuss Annual State Of The Park Report

State of the Park 2019-2020 cover
Photo by Nancie Battaglia
Adirondack Council
State of the Park 2019-2020 cover

The Adirondack Council issues an annual report assessing the oversight by government agencies, localities and others of the 6 million acre Adirondack Park. This year’s just released State of the Park report, “Challenged By Success,” finds that the rising popularity of the region is also highlighting challenges.  Council Executive Director Willie Janeway and spokesman John Sheehan spoke about the report with WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.  Janeway says the surge in the Adirondack’s popularity caught many by surprise and is spotlighting the need to better manage the Forest Preserve.“People who know the Adirondacks have known it’s an incredible national treasure but it has caught people by surprise that in the last year or two the popularity has soared, 12.4 million visitors, use doubling and tripling at some trailheads. Now one of the great successes is the Park is so popular everybody says they support clean water, clean air, support the preservation of the East’s greatest wilderness. But the State of the Park we put out now is more important than ever because you’ve really got to look at actions not words.”

Extended conversation with the Adirondack Council's Willie Janeway and john Sheehan

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