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Conversation With Adirondack Council Spokesman John Sheehan On Adirondack Issues Continues

John Sheehan
Adirondack Council
John Sheehan

The Adirondack Council is applauding the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation’s recent announcement that it will implement a regulation in early June that sets strict carbon dioxide emissions limits on coal-fired power plants operating in the state.  In this second part of our interview, Council Spokesman John Sheehan tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley they expect the state’s move will eliminate all coal-fired power generation in the state by the end of 2020.
“The fact that this was in the works has essentially caused all of the power plants in the state to stop burning coal already. And that is great news for the Adirondacks because those smokestacks are the closest ones to the Park, the ones that would contribute the highest percentage of their pollution to the Adirondacks.  So having those get cleaned up is very important and we’re grateful to see that happen. Once this regulation goes into effect it’ll essentially be illegal to burn coal in New York to create electricity and that’s a great next step. Certainly coal has had a big impact in making acid rain worse and also in climate change. It’s something that we ought to get away from as a fuel. I think we’re showing in the Adirondacks that renewable energy is something that is both a reality and a desirable part of the future.”

You can hear more from the Adirondack Council’s John Sheehan at wamc.org

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