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Adirondack Council’s John Sheehan Discusses Environmental Issues

John Sheehan
Adirondack Council
John Sheehan

An update now to a story we’ve been following for months: rail cars that were being stored in northern New York.
The Adirondack Council had been critical of the company storing tankers on railroad tracks in the Adirondacks. Iowa Pacific has removed the rail cars and New York state is now petitioning the federal Surface Transportation Board to declare the line abandoned.  The Council recently penned a letter supporting the state effort. Adirondack Council Spokesman John Sheehan says it’s important that people understand the petition would not result in the removal of the tracks.
“I’d like to clear up what I think has become a common misconception on the local level that the state’s petition would result in the removal of the railroad tracks. That’s not the case. The state’s petition is to remove the rail operator. This would not make any definitive decision about the fate of the rails or the corridor itself. It would simply remove the operator and give the state and local folks a chance to talk about what the future of that line ought to be.”

Extended conversation with Adirondack Council spokesman John Sheehan

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