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Educational Institutions Sign Agreement To Streamline Workforce Training

CCC President Ray DiPasquale (left) and CV-TEC's Dr. Mark Davey shake hands after signing agreement as Chamber Pres. Garry Douglas and Assemblyman Billy Jones witness signing
Pat Bradley/WAMC
CCC President Ray DiPasquale (left) and CV-TEC's Dr. Mark Davey shake hands after signing agreement as Chamber Pres. Garry Douglas and Assemblyman Billy Jones witness signing

A new agreement between two educational institutions in New York’s North Country should help expand opportunities for students seeking training in nursing and affiliated health fields.
Clinton Community College and Champlain Valley Educational Services, generally known as CV-TEC, signed a new articulation agreement that creates a way for nursing students studying at the technical center to receive advanced placement at the community college.  

CV-TEC District Superintendent Dr. Mark Davey says the agreement will benefit the students and alumni of the 17 districts within the BOCES.  “Not only are we partners but we all have a vision for the future of how we can come together, strengthen our partnership and we can provide better and more efficient workforce development for all of our students, for our communities and for our economic growth.”

Clinton Community College President Ray DiPasquale agrees students will benefit most from the agreement.  “It’s bringing our institutions together so that our young people can have real career pathways to success from a great educational institution and the things that you do on to college seamlessly and doing it in areas where there are real jobs. That’s the difference. It’s working together so that when our students come through our educational system we’re real partners. So when they’re coming they’re getting college credits for the work they did at CVS, right. Real college credits. Getting  a head start and a real career pathway to their education.”

CV-TEC Director Michele Friedman explained that this partnership pertains to health care studies and the affiliated career pathways available to students.  “We used to see a career path as a very linear path: you go to high school then you go to college. The new age of pathways are on-ramps and off-ramps and stacking your credentials. So as early as 11th grade students can enter a health care component at CV-TEC, at the end of their junior year be certified CNA’s (Certified Nurse Assistant), at the end of their senior year be certified EKG technicians and phlebotomists, go into an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program, earn their LPN, transition seamlessly with 9 credit articulated credits to Clinton Community College, do their nursing program and then move on to all different components. And that’s just one of the examples of the on-roads and off-ramps of the health care pathway.”

The agreement was signed at the offices of the North Country Chamber. President Garry Douglas says the partnership is a crucial element in workforce development, which is needed in the region.  “It’s another significant advance in the power of partnership in terms of addressing our workforce development needs here in this area which means maximizing the economic opportunities that are on our doorstep.”

Clinton Community College has similar articulation agreements with CV-TEC to collaborate in fields including Criminal Justice, Renewable Energy Technologies and Computer Information Systems.  


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