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Plattsburgh Mayor-Elect Discusses Transition And Plans

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read
Colin Read for Mayor/Facebook
Plattsburgh mayor-elect Colin Read

In November, incumbent Plattsburgh Mayor James Calnon was defeated in his re-election bid by Democrat Colin Read.  Calnon did not formally concede until absentee ballots were counted on November 21st.  The final result determined that Read had actually increased his lead by 84 votes, solidifying his win.  Mayor-elect Read tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that was a surprise, and he’s now deeply involved in transitioning the administration.
"My work’s cut out for me!  They’re really keeping me busy and I’m focusing on that.  But to imagine the opportunities and to be able to actually discuss at a different level things that we’ve been discussing for quite some time now I think is really exciting. And there really are a lot of opportunities for this city.”

Mayor-elect Colin Read and the members of the city council will be sworn in on New Year’s Day.

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