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Carr Discusses Departure From Adirondack Nature Conservancy To Lead Adirondack Land Trust

Mike Carr at Elk Lake in the Adirondacks, May 2016
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Mike Carr at Elk Lake in the Adirondacks, May 2016

The Adirondack Nature Conservancy and the Adirondack Land Trust have worked in partnership for more than four decades to conserve lands and waters in the Adirondacks.  Mike Carr has been executive director of both organizations for the last 16 years, but in the case of the Land Trust it has been part-time.  He says it’s time for him to step down as the head of the Adirondack Nature Conservancy to become the full-time executive director of the Adirondack Land Trust.
“It feels like on the heels of the Boreas Ponds transaction with New York state and the successful completion of the Finch portion of the Heart of the Adirondacks project that this was the moment to take a step toward the Land Trust and begin to invest additional resources and staff in building that program and moving some of those opportunities we’ve been holding back a little bit over the last several years as we got over the finish line in the Finch project. And we’ll continue I think to partner very closely with the Nature Conservancy. As we go forward there’ll be lots of opportunities to work together, just in a slightly different staffing configuration.”

Mike Carr has been with the Nature Conservancy for 26 years and has been the executive director of the Adirondack Chapter for 16 years.  He will step down in mid-November to lead the Adirondack Land Trust.

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