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New City Resident Garners Signatures For Mayoral Run


Independent Chris Rosenquest was on the steps of Plattsburgh City Hall this morning to announce that he has gathered enough signatures to be placed on the November ballot as a candidate for mayor. The entrepreneur and small business owner is attracting attention in the race because he lived in Seattle until earlier this month.

Independent Plattsburgh Mayoral candidate Chris Rosenquest was raised and attended college in Plattsburgh, but left the area 14 years ago and has lived in Seattle for the past six years. He announced Wednesday morning that he has gathered more than enough signatures required to secure a spot on the ballot, and will continue to collect signatures until petitions must be filed on August 20th.

Rosenquest counters any portrayal that he is a carpetbagger, noting he visits family here once or twice a year and he and his wife have sought to return since 2006. The mayoral race, he said, was a perfect opportunity to return to his roots.

SUNY Plattsburgh Professor of Political Science Tom Konda says city voters should not consider Rosenquest an outsider in the race.

Rosenquest says he believes Plattsburgh has the potential to be the economic hub of northeast New York and offered a three-point plan to reach that goal.

Democratic Mayoral Candidate and current Ward 2 Councilor Mark Tiffer says he welcomes any candidate into the race and is pleased that some of his ideas are being adopted by his independent challenger.

The third candidate for mayor, current Mayor Pro Tem and Ward 4 Councilor Jim Calnon, is an independent endorsed by the Republican Party. He takes a pragmatic approach to running the city.

Independent petitions for mayor need 242 signatures. There are just less than 10-thousand registered voters in the city of Plattsburgh.

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