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Canadian Consul General Visits Plattsburgh

WAMC/Pat Bradley

The Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce played host to a visit by the ‘Consul General of Canada in New York’ on Monday.  The consular officer toured several Canadian business operations, including Nova Bus, Bombardier and the Champlain Port of Entry. He also answered questions during a forum with business leaders.

Canadian consulates are similar to embassies and are located in major U.S. cities.  The Consul General is the consulate’s senior officer.  John Prato was named Consul General of Canada in New York in March 2011. He  visited Plattsburgh for the first time  Monday. Plattsburgh North Country  Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Garry Douglas called his visit an opportunity to solidify the area’s friendship with Canadian partners and economy.

Democratic Congressman Bill Owens, who has often spoken about the importance of cross-border travel and business in his north country district, made note of the US-Canada flag pin he wears to highlight the two nations’ economic  ties.

Consul General John Prato verified the Congressman’s comments.

John Prato says Canadian business expansion in this region helps expand the supply chain across the U.S.

The Canadian consulate in New York  is responsible for five states: New York, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Consul General John Prato told the region’s business leaders they are a critical focus because collectively their GDP  is about 50  percent greater than all of Canada.