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Draft North Country Development Plan Released


An economic development plan based on sustainability, smart growth and environmental stewardship for the Adirondacks and seven-county northern tier of New York was presented to stakeholders this week.

The draft North Country Regional Sustainability Plan’s major goals include generating and exporting renewable energy from the northern tier, energy efficiency improvements, development of alternative heating fuels from within the region, sustainable use of natural resources to enhance jobs and business development and environmental stewardship.
The Adirondack North Country Association brought together nearly 220 people from across a seven county area into six working groups to craft the plan, according to Executive Director Kate Fish.

Kate Fish notes that sustainability plans are being drafted in each of New York’s ten regional economic development council regions.

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council was awarded over 193 million dollars in two rounds of funding. Some of the money is targeted to create a sustainability plan.  Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Garry Douglas is co-Chair of the North Country’s council.

The North Country Regional Sustainability Plan will be finalized and presented to NYSERDA, the funding agent for the regional plans,  by the end of March.  

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