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Three Adirondack Men Receive Highest Boy Scout Heroism Award

A heroism medal that is rarely handed out by the Boy Scouts of America has been presented to three men in the Adirondacks. 

A formal Court of Honor was held at Paul Smiths’ College to recognize the efforts of three scouts who rescued one man, and attempted to rescue a second, following a whitewater kayaking accident in the Adirondacks in October 2011.  Dave Tallman presented the trio the highest medal of heroism from the Boy Scouts of America.
The men were attending Moosefest, an annual whitewater kayaking festival on the Moose River in Old Forge.
21 year old Eagle Scout Ian McMullen says they had just finished a successful rescue in the rapids when Jason Smith discovered another kayaker was caught in swirling waters mid-river.

41 year old Scout Leader Jason Smith handed Ian, and fellow scout Luke Eckert, a rope trusting them to pull him back out.

An empty seat remained throughout the ceremonies honoring late kayaker Bill DeAngelis.  18 year old Luke Eckert paid him tribute and  says his boy scout training allowed him to do what was needed on that day.

Sheila Delarm, a firefighter and first responder, was stranded on the river shore as the events unfolded.

Again, Jason Smith.

Since the Honor Award with Crossed Palms was created in 1938 by the Boy Scouts of America, only 277 people have received it.  The three Adirondack scouts represent one percent of all national recipients.

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