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North Country Officials Optimistic Following State of State

Pat Arnow

Governor Andrew Cuomo presented a broad agenda in his State of the State address on Wednesday. North Country officials were pleased with the Governor’s focus on the upstate economy and tourism.
The speaker who preceded Governor Cuomo at the podium was Greg Heiland, the founder and CEO of Valutek, who is relocating from Arizona to upstate New York.  That established the initial theme of the State of the state:  upstate economic Development thru green tech, innovation, and workforce training.  North Country officials were pleased with that focus and Plattsburgh Mayor Don Kasprzak found the goals ambitious.

Essex County Board of Supervisors Chair Randy Douglas attended the speech in Albany and he was pleased by the Governor’s focus on marketing upstate resources.

Governor Cuomo wants to create Innovation hot spots and close the gap between college research and business entrepreneurship.

North Country Representatives say business and education resources in the region are already leading in some of those initiatives. State Senator Betty Little.

115th District Assemblywoman  Janet Duprey notes that parts of upstate are already centers of business innovation and clean technology and they would see a boost from the Governor’s strategy.

The North Country economy is driven by tourism and two items in Governor Cuomo’s speech piqued the attention of local officials. He announced a competition for the best regional tourism marketing plan, with 5 million dollars going to the winning plan. The Governor also announced a new event to enhance tourism in the Adirondacks.

Essex County’s Randy Douglas is excited about what that could mean for the region.

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